IONIT Burner Network ModuleTM

IONIT’s Patent-Pending Burner Network Module enables service providers to remotely view the status and critical operational data of fuel burners at customer locations.

Detailed measurements, such as time-to-fire and CAD cell resistance, let technicians know when service is needed, usually long before a failure occurs. It also provides immediate notification if a burner lockout occurs (soft or hard), along with information about the lockout cause and actions taken by the homeowner to recycle the burner control.

Another useful feature is the BNM is the ability to log every burner firing cycle, which includes the precise minutes of flame-time. IONIT can accurately compute fuel consumption since the last delivery. This capability can be used to effectively determine when the next fuel delivery is required, which serves to effectively monitor the level of both above, and underground tanks.

Coupled with the Ionit Cloud software the BNM can be configured to automatically provide email or text alerts if a threshold is exceeded or a lockout occurs.

IONIT's BNM is currently available for the Beckett GeniSys® 7505 series oil burner controller.

ION-7500 shown on right side of Beckett GeniSys controller

ION-7500 shown on Beckett oil burner and controller

Product Dimensions

  • Length: 1.55 in (4.0 cm)
  • Width: 2.75 in (7.0 cm)
  • Height: 5.59 in (14.2 cm)
  • Weight: 0.17 lbs (0.08 kg)

Shipping Dimensions

  • Box Length: 6.25 in (15.9 cm)
  • Box Width: 5.25 in (13.3 cm)
  • Box Height: 6.25 in (15.9 cm)
  • Box Weight: Less than 1 lbs (<0.45 kg)


  • Fast Install: Plug & play
  • QR code for quick setup and geo-locating
  • Comformal-coated circuit board resists water and moisture
  • Button to activate Fast Report Mode for easy setup
  • Mounting bracket and connection cable included

Operating Characteristics

  • Temperature Range: 14 to 140 degrees F
  • Radio Frequency: 915 MHz
  • Transmission Occurrence: Once per Hour
  • Data Payload Size: 50 KB
  • Expected battery life: 5 years
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty