IONIT Fuel & Energy Monitoring System II

The system provides all the products required to setup a remote fuel and energy monitoring system or other fluid level monitoring. Ideal for remote oil tank monitoring by fuel dealers and consumers. The system not only provides remote oil tank level monitoring, but also remote temperature monitoring. Reliable, affordable, easy-to-install, and easy-to-manage. Simply put, we make remote oil tank monitoring easy.

Included Items

  • 1x ION-9071 ultrasonic fluid level device
  • 1x ION-9400 RF-Ethernet Hub
  • 1x ION-7020 2" oil tank bung adapter

Shipping Dimensions

  • Box Length: 8.25 in (20.96 cm)
  • Box Width: 2.5 in (6.35 cm)
  • Box Height: 2.5 in (6.35 cm)
  • Box Weight: 2.5 lbs (1.13 kg)


  • Fast Install: Plug & play
  • QR code for quick setup and geo-locating
  • Works in any wired broadband and cellular environments

Operating Characteristics


  • Brochure: ION-9502 Fuel & Energy Monitoring System
  • Install Guide: ION-9502 Fuel & Energy Monitoring System