Helping you keep an...Eye on it!

Founded in 2011 by a team of seasoned colleagues from the technology market, we identified with the challenges of affordably deploying remote monitoring applications. Sure, there are plenty of solutions in the market, what is also known as the M2M (Machine-To-Machine) market, but what struck us was the incredible complexity and cost associated with deploying a system. We just didn't understand why it needed to be so hard and expensive. So we thought we could do better, and viola, IONIT Networks was born.

Our core team has decades of experiences conceiving and developing products. Our core engineering competencies include electric engineering, software and firmware development, circuit design, wireless communications, web development, product marketing, volume manufacturing, and a host of other skills. Our approach to deploying affordable, easy-to-deploy remote monitoring solutions comes from three points of focus.

We currently offer affordable and easy-to-manage solutions for fuel dealers and consumers with need for remote oil tank monitoring, remote propane monitoring (coming 2015), remote temperature monitoring, and remote burner monitoring. In addition we provide solutions for waste fuel monitoring or grease tank monitoring. If you have a remote monitoring problem, give us a call or drop us an email and we will be happy to help.


Core Technology

First, we focused on building a core set of technologies that can be leveraged across multiple industry applications to solve various remote monitoring problems. This architecture gave birth to our Whisper web services API, and our Cloud application.


Point Solutions

Second, we focus on understanding and building application-specific, aka "point", solutions. Instead of providing you with a pile of technology building blocks that you have to put together, we identify markets in need of remote asset monitoring and management and then develop them. As you'll see from our remote oil tank monitoring, remote propane monitoring, and remote temperature monitoring solutions, they are a perfect fit for our users. From these solutions, we can more quickly derive and launch additional solutions in the form of Custom Applications more quickly than if we started from scratch or if you found a pile of building blocks from other software companies.


Low-Cost Everything

Third, in addition to complexity we saw customers encountering with other monitoring platforms, we were stunned by the prices of the various components of these other systems. Our goal is to drive the cost as low as possible for all our hardware sensors and communication platforms. Sure, we love our hardware, but in the case of remote monitoring what really matters is getting your hands on the data from your remote asset. If the devices cost so much that you can't even deploy them on the first 100 assets, then what's the point? Hence, we stive to continually lower our cost on hardware so we can make the systems as affordable as possible to you.

We hope you take the time to review our offers, technology, and approach. We look forward to speaking with you about your specific application.