Tank Monitoring for Fuels

Whether you deliver oil or propane, or collect waste oils that get converted into fuel, managing deliveries to a large network of customers can be wasteful. Our oil tank monitoring solutions and propane tank monitoring solutions greatly improve your operational efficiencies by knowing exactly when your customers need fuel. Unlike degree-day algorithms, our oil tank monitoring and propane tank monitoring tell you how much fuel is in your customer's tank. .

In 2013 IONIT Networks acquired VisiTank, the industry leading provider to fuel dealers of remote oil tank monitoring, remote propane tank monitoring, and remote temperature monitoring.

Heating Oil

Delivering oil to homes and businesses also takes energy, and can be a highly wasteful process. Using smart sensing, know exactly when your customers require fuel deliveries and optimize your routes and labor accordingly. Our oil tank monitoring systems deliver alerts to your smartphone or computer. And our remote monitoring cloud software is simple to use, and affordable.


Like delivery of home heating oils, delivery of propane is based on guesswork. Stop using inefficient 'degree day' models for delivery schedules and start using the actual tank levels at your customer locations. Highly unpredictable due to its variable useage (for cooking, generators, pools, etc.) our remote propane monitoring will help you avoid run-outs and make you more efficient.

Waste Oils

Yesterday's garbage is today's energy. But collecting waste oils throughout a geographically dispersed network of restaurants can be highly inefficient on your labor dollars and fuel bills. And as theft of waste grease continues to grow, how do you know if there is annything to collect? Using our remote grease tank monitoring will keep you informed of the tank level and alert you when its time to collect it.