View all your remote devices via IONIT Cloud. Using any browser from your computer or smartphone, get alerts and view all your remote sensor data in this secure web application. Fuel dealers using IONIT's remote oil tank monitoring and remote temperature monitoring systems can can easily visualize their service area from our Dashboard view which provides pins for each monitored location, and quick indicators of the monitored site. When pins turn red, there is an alert requiring your attention. By hovering-over the pin, you will quickly see the alert and sensor readings at that site.

Get an overview of your entire monitoring network. Hover over any point for quick review of that site's monitored data. Drill-in for full details.

Drill-in to see graphs of the monitored data. Quickly visualize changes, set alerts to receive email and text notices when events occur, and more.


  • Log-in anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • All your sensor are automatically entered into your account by IONIT
  • Add alerts, triggers, and alarms in seconds
  • Graph data for a visual understanding of your data
  • Automatically geo-locate your remote asset and monitor it from the Map View
  • Export your data for further analysis
  • Use IONIT Whisper web services interface to integrate to other business applications