Solutions for Energy

Mechancial and electrical energy systems are everywhere, and demand ever-increasing. This infrastructure keeps us comfortable, healthy, and safe. Predicting when these systems will require fail or require maintenance is smart business. From burner monitoring to oil tank monitoring solutions, we have a system for you.

Rooftop HVAC

Scattered across all roof tops are HVAC units that we rely upon to keep us comfortable, and our food and supplies fresh. When they fail, life becomes miserable very quickly. Using remote sensor technology monitor and predict failures to save time and money.

Fuel Delivery

Deliver home heating oil and propane requires an understanding of when to send the fuel truck to refill a customer's tank. Eliminate the guesswork and know exactly when to go with remote monitoring of the customer's tank. Our heating oil tank monitoring systems and propane monitoring systems are reliable, affordable and easy to deploy.

Heat Controls

More accurately monitor your heat use, and avoid heating system failures. Our heating system monitoring and burner monitoring systems help you and and your consumers avoid frozen pipes, and long cold and uncomfortable nights.